Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Trials of a Sequel Writer

This morning I opened a package from the editor working on the sequel to The Scent of God. The
news was disheartening but not unwelcome. She's done an amazingly thorough and insightful review and though my stomach dropped at all the work ahead of me, I'm actually anxious to begin again (how many times have I begun this process? At least ten, if not more.)

I started this post in October of 2014 and never got back to it because I've been so caught up in edits for the manuscript. I think we're finally almost there. Now I just have to do an expanded table of contents, write a synopsis, do a table of comparative titles, write a query letter and develop a marketing plan. I yearn to days gone by when all you had to do was write a good query letter!

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