Friday, June 14, 2013

Wonders on returning home

It hardly seems possible that, with the Summer equinox only days away, it should still be so chilly. Bill and I arrived home, having spent four months in Florida, to find we needed to fetch our long underwear from the cedar chest. From early May till now, June 13, we've had a log fire at night warming the house. The cold however, did not stop our beloved denizens of the shoreline … the eagles, the deer, goldfinches, sparrows, chickadees and the tiny hummingbirds (which arrived a week late -- from making their welcome appearances.

As I've been so remiss in blogging, I thought I’d hop back into the blogging world to share some of the wonders we've encountered on Lake Superior since our return. Florida was lovely and warm but my writing genie preferred the cold and the lake to the warmth and a pool.

On our first day home, a mother eagle settled onto our ledge rock to teach her two children to fish – or at least that’s what I think she was doing as both juveniles had a freshly caught something on which to dine. I think it was the same mother eagle sitting atop a dead birch with her two juveniles close by as I wended my way up our long driveway the following day. One sibling lifted off and made a huge sweeping circle through our woods, then headed back to the same tree where it’s mother waited.  By the time I fetched my camera (actually my telephone as I don’t have a digital camera), I returned to find both juveniles gone, the mother alone remaining. Perhaps that was the day she’d sent them packing. They knew how to fly and, presumably, to hunt.


Dave Carlson said...

Thanks for a timely incentive to start blogging again. We leave tomorrow on a tour of Norway. It might make my trip reports easier if I compose daily on MS-Word, copy and paste to my travel blog, which has been untouched for two years. 250-500 words per day is reasonable, plus the photo blogs I accomplish on Facebook.

John Walter said...

Great to read your writing again, Beryl. It sounds like a marvelous sojourn you had in Florida, but your return to Lake Superior and its marvels clearly revitalized you. Your voice is always inspiring with its keenness for nature. Keep blogging in a place where I can read you!